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  • Fri Jul 19 16 Business opportunities for sweeteners Weight loss, has been a hot topic at homeand abroad, weight loss needs to improve unhealthy diet, at the same time with appropriate exercise, this is the healthy way to lose weight.Today we're goi... READ MORE
  • Fri Jul 19 16 Which sweetener has the least impact on health? In the diet of modern people, the phenomenon of excessive intake of sugar is very common, which is also animportant cause of many diseases, such as dental caries, obesity,hyperlipidemia, hyperglycemia... READ MORE
  • Fri Jul 19 16 Which sweetener has better stability? Sugar, beet sugar is the first generation of sugar source, but their common drawback is the high quantity of heat, the second source of sugar is that aspartame as a representative of synthetic sugar, ... READ MORE
  • Fri Jul 19 16 Which sweetener has the lowest calories? Desserts are irresistible to many men and women, young and old. Delicious sweeteners can make people feel happy, which is probably why sad people crave desserts.However, we all realize that sweet food... READ MORE
  • Thu Jul 18 16 Which sweetener can reduce our intake of high-calorie foods? In the past, we eat bread, cakes, sweets,drinks, often added sugar, the sugar make it high quantity of heat food, consumerlong-term consumption of food of high quantity of heat, so the harm is obvious... READ MORE

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